Thursday, March 14, 2013

doll purse

so today was a painfull day of middle school drama so i thought i would make somthing when i got home so, then i went on to blogger and typed up this

new craft!!!!!! DOLL PURSE

i thought that the dolls would need somthing to carry aroung with them to hold on to stuff with so i said "why not a purse."


  • fabric
  • neddle and tread ( or sewing machine )
  • creativity ( very important )
so first cut out 2 pecies of fabrick in whatever shape you want your purse to be ( this will be the front and back peices )

then cut out 3 more peices to be the sides and bottom

then obviusly sew up the sides but not the top.

then cut out the shape to be the flap and sew that on too
now you can add a personal touch with bottons beads or anything you like ( you can also add velcro to the inside of the flap so it stays closed

have fun with this new craft

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